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The more we read and research, the more we are becoming convinced that some of our government agencies, much of the food processing industry and the massive agriculture concerns are often not leveling with the American people about the effects on our families of ultra processed foods and the manor in which much of it is grown, raised, processed, packaged and presented to your family.

It only stands to reason that whole, fresh, local, minimally processed foods have simply got to be better for your family than much of what you find in the grocery store.

Fruits and vegetables picked well before ripeness and then treated with chemicals and gasses to facilitate shipping across country; grains processed to the point of compromising, if not completely destroying their nutrient value and then stored in warehouses for months before you receive them; poultry products sanitized with bleach in an attempt to make them edible; chemicals and preservatives; much of the dairy industry. . . I'm sure you get the point. Thing's ain't right.

As we discover worthwhile research and commentary we'll post it here for the common good. Please check back often

Below are a few germane articles that we hope will spark your curiosity and perhaps encourage you to do your own research about the potential dangers of what we feed our families.

GOOD EGG, BAD EGG -- HOW TO KNOW? Commercial Egg Production Good Egg - Bad Egg.pdf
Raw Milk Facts - an excellent source for honest information about this hot button issue. A must read...
Raw Milk      RawMilk.pdf
Here is an excellent power point presentation about things I'll bet you didn't know. An important discussion that the government and the dairy industry are reluctant to share with consumers.
More clear evidence of bias and unsubstantiated claims of "Dangerous Raw Milk"

Ms. Fallon, the president of the Weston Price foundation again shows the outright intentional misrepresentation of those that would scare America into thinking that Raw Milk is the culprit in food borne illnesses and disease outbreaks. A concise line by line rebuttal of misinformation by state of Maryland health officials. A good read.      Rebuttal Letter

Used by Kind Permission of the Weston A. Price foundation
Sound Science is Killing Us      Sound Science
An excellent essay by Joel Salatin
Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry      Dirty Secrets
A fascinating presentation by Sally Fallon that is nothing, if not thought provoking. Any consumer with common sense must recognize the truths put forth in this lecture/essay.
Not being a molecular scientist I might not be able to prove or disprove her assertions. However, as a clear thinking individual I am immediately curious about the lack of rebuttal by those industries she spotlights. Perhaps a lack of forceful rebuttal answers the question about truth?

A great article on POSILAC by Jeffrey Smith

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